About the Team

The Problem Child AA/Funny Car is a new venture for Eddie Knox Racing and Morris Family Racing for 2018, with Billy Morris behind the wheel. 


The Problem Child Top Fuel Hydro was a product of the partnership between Eddie Knox Racing and Larry Bless. This partnership has been highly successful, including winning the 2006, 2011, 2012 & 2013 World Championships and recording some of the quickest & fastest liquid quarter-mile and 1,000' passes in history.

“Fast” Eddie Knox began his career in the sport of drag boat racing behind the wheel of his own machine. Beginning in 1989, Eddie studied and learned the art of engine-tuning and progressed to championship status.

Eddie has been part of (8) World Championships, (6) Runner Up Championships, (45+) national event wins and "WORLD RECORDS" in every pro category he has raced in. All of these accomplishments have come from all facets of the drag boat racing world; an owner, a driver and a crew chief. His “Problem Child” boat is known the world over for its consistent record-setting performance. 

Eddie Knox Racing builds and maintains all of its own engines, race vehicles, and transporters in order to offer their sponsors only the very best in performance and quality. Eddie Knox Racing is an organized group of dedicated members that are motivated to offer its sponsors the best value for their dollar and to represent them with quality and integrity.


2011 Marble Falls, TX - Record-Setting Runs:

2011 Eddie Knox Racing Promo Video:


1000' Record-setting pass- 2010 Napa World Finals at Firebird Raceway:  

 1/4 Mile Record-setting pass-2009 Napa World Finals at Firebird Raceway: